Learning to be an online student; overview of:

A.  Course Management system

B.  Keys to success as an online student            


Introduction:  Exploring an Online Class

A.  Pedagogy and tools

      1.  Best Practices for online teaching

      2.  Designing Constructivist Learning    


B.  Student Learning Styles and online class implications


Starting to Build your Online Class; overview of:

A.  Introduction to course models

B.  Selecting a course model

C.  Setting up the class website

D.  Setting up communications tools


Building Your Online Class; overview of:

A.  Adding resources

     1.  Incorporating images

     2.  Incorporating links

B.  Assignments

     1.  Online/Offline

     2.  Evaluating assignments

C.  Managing students

D.  Time Management


Refining Your Online Class: overview of:

A.  Using the grade book

B.  Incorporating PowerPoint slides

C.  Linking to outside resources

D.  Building and importing quizzes

E.  ADA Compliance

F.  Available outside resources


Completing Your Online Class; overview of:

A.  Incorporating multimedia

B.  Group assignments

C.  Directories and labels

D.  Using the Chat module

E.  Other possibilities

F.  Testing your site

G.  Managing your site

H.  Backing up your site


CAOT-134 Content Outline