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Report 9-14-15

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Report to EPC 9-14-1


1. Canvas Test Drive - The DEC met on 7-7-15 and decided to "test drive" canvas. Canvas set up an online webinar on 8-17-15 see http://canvaslmslive.com/v/z2tbca and members of the committee attended the online webinar. Canvas set up a practice "test site" for LAMC faculty at http://lamission.instructure.com and 33 faculty have been set up with Canvas shells and are testing it. Comments and feedback are being collected by the DE Committee. The process of adoption of canvas was clarified by DEC on 8/8/15. By early December all of the interested LAMC faculty will have given Canvas a test drive, and also Canvas will make the migration tool available to convert etudes content to canvas, and then at that time, all of the feedback/comments will be evaluated by DEC, and a recommendation made to EPC whether or not LAMC should move from etudes to canvas.  Several of our sister colleges are moving to Canvas (Pierce and Trade), and the District DE Committee will discuss the issue in its monthly district meetings starting 9/22/15. DEC will report back to EPC as more information becomes available.


2. NetTutor - DE met over summer with our IT, and NetTutor staff and Dean Saber to discuss implementation of NetTutor for both our online and on campus students. On Flex day, 8/27/15 Dean Saber and David Jordan made a PPT presentation to faculty on NetTutor. DE and IT are working to implement a roll out of nettutor to all faculty through the faculty portal during the Fall 2015 semester.


3. Etudes sites for Fall 2015 - created a total of 192 etudes shells, or 28.11% or 2609 students using etudes - less than 1/3rd of our students 


3. DE Accreditation Issues - Over the summer worked with various standards on DE Accreditation issues, namely

4. We updated our DE website to list when and which classes have been approved to be delivered online.


5. DE Coordinator met with counselors on 9-8 and trained and discussed ecounseling (zoom rooms) - see minutes from ecounseling training 9-8-15 - DE and Counseling will collaborate in October to conduct a student focus group to brainstorm ideas on online student services at Mission


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