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Report 12-5-16

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1. DE is redesigning the DE and Online Class website to be combined into one, easier to navigate site. 


2.  IT has reinstated the drop down option to select online/hybrid classes in the SOCO system, This will help our students to find and register for online classes. However, there is still no designation for hybrid classes to show mandatory on campus meetings which causes confusion to students signing up for online classes. DE and IT will work on resolving this remaining issue.


3. Canvas courses have been created for all faculty teaching in Winter and Spring 2017.  Faculty are encouraged to post their updated syllabii at the LAMC SOCO and their faculty portal so students can get a "head start" on ordering textbooks and getting ready for their classes.


4. English 21, 208, Chicano Studies 44,52 and Philosophy 5 are on the Curriculum for review and approval for teaching online in Spring 2017.


5. DE is reviewing whether a Substantive Change is required for LAMC.


6. DE is reviewing Steps to Teach online to add a step for ADA training/compliance for online teaching, along with re-ordering Steps to have ECD and COR update first before Notification. 


updated: 12/5/16


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