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Report 2-13-17

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1. Enrollment in Canvas Courses - 679 courses in Spring 2017 compared to 735 courses in Fall 2016. Currently 216 out of the 679 courses have been published (only 31% which is still quite low since every instructor has a Canvas course created). There are 118 faculty at LAMC now using Canvas, with 5407 students, and 5458 assignments, 1991 discussion topics, 9,885 files uploaded and 5 media recordings.

2.  Canvas Training - Training in Canvas in Spring 2017 will take place on Tuesdays - "Tech Tuesday" and has been coordinated through Albert Ybarra. The first four workshops in February will be by Adrian Gonzalez, special technologist in DSPS who will teach faculty on how to create accessible documents, following by Canvas workshops during the semester.


3. Online/DE website re-design - Isabelle, Emily, and David have been meeting regularly to re-design and simplify the Online/DE site, and it is much improved. This will be completed by mid to end of Spring 2017 semester. 


4. New Online/Hybrid Classes - DE will review Psych 14, Music 111 and Caot 78(quickbooks) (hybrid) for Summerf/Fall 2017 


5.  Substantive Change - DE and Curriculum are actively working on a Substantive Change Proposal during Spring 2017 semester, as one of its primary focus items. 


6. Certification to Teach Online - DE is working with our LACCD sister colleges to develop a standard Certification to Teach Online.


7. Canvas Help Desk - has successfully handled the first ten days of student problems in logging in, and the number of requests for Help have diminished significantly.



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