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Report - 3-20-17

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DE met on 3-8-17


1. Online Student Evaluations - ITV is covering the cost of CourseEvalHQ which LAMC piloted last year to do Student Faculty Evaluations. The contract runs from 3/18/17  to 3/17/18. In the meantime, LAMC and DE will be looking to create its own student evaluation program to be imbedded in Canvas.


2.  Canvas Outage - We added a link on MissionOnline so both faculty and students can check the status of Canvas. IT  agreed to notify students and faculty if the outage was for a long duration.

3.  Canvas Admin Access Policy - The District DE Coordinators are working on a "best practices" policy. At this point, LAMC has just two top level admins, 1 for IT, and 1 for the Faculty Canvas Admin. 

4.  Substantive Change Proposal - DE is still reviewing whether LAMC needs to file a Substantive Change, and following its next meetings will advise EPC of its recommendation. 


5. Canvas Training - Math is offering 3 sections of Canvas Training today, Thursday and Saturday, and Yun Yoon, Carole Akl  in Math and Karen Crozer from the DE Committee will be the Canvas trainers. Additional Canvas training will take place during the semester in the Eagles Nest which Albert Ybarra is coordinating.


 6. DE will have its final Program Review on May 5th - The Program Review Oversight Committee (PROC) in its meeting of 2/15/17 reviewed whether DE is a program and it concluded " DE is a committee and mode of instruction rather than an entity and no longer requires resources since it has been institutionalized, so it does not need its own program review and DE courses should be discussed under each discipline that offers DE courses; however, DE should still complete its comprehensive program review and validation as scheduled for this semester. In the future, common themes and resource requests that emerge across multiple disciplines can then be prioritized by Academic Affairs. " (8)  As such, DE provides the within summary as its final Comprehensive Program Review.  Regarding the 3 year plan, the Integrated Planning Committee will review the College plans and integrate them into integrated college planning. 


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