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Report - 5-1-17

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Report to EPC - 5-1-17 


1. DE Coordinator - The DE Coordinator David Jordan will retire, effective 6-30-17, after 10 years (2007-2017) as DE Coordinator. The new DE Coordinator, selected by the Acting VPAA in conjunction with the Academic Senate is Emily Bill. Welcome to the new DE Coordinator, best of luck, and special thanks to DE Coordinator David Jordan, congratulations, and enjoy your well deserved retirement. The DE Committee (DEC) discussed the Help Desk function including the email contact @ ilearn@lamission.edu and the current cell phone contact, and DEC will develop a new policy covering the HELP Desk using our sister colleges as a "best practices" model.

2. Archiving Online Courses, Regular Effective Contact and Dept. of Education (DOE) Financial Aid Audit of LA Southwest College (LASC)
Recently the DOE conducted a financial aid audit of LA Southwest College - See the report of Jessica Drawbond - the DE Coordinator at LASC. See her report at http://bit.ly/2q0v4kC . In that report, Jessica outlines the current DOE position on DE Coordinators actively monitoring "Regular and Effective Contact" (REC)  (LAMC has developed its own guidelines on REC at http://bit.ly/2qws67E  DEC discussed the LASC report and will work on developing "best practices" on REC and archiving of online courses. This will include embedding materials in our canvas courses, and training our online and hybrid faculty. 


3. Substantive Change Review - The DEC reviewed whether a Substantive Change Proposal (SCP) is required, and determined that it was, however DEC will first determine the scope of the SCP before finally recommending a formal proposal to EPC. The new DE Coordinator will contact our sister colleges to assist with determining the scope of the SCP.

4.  Online Teaching Certification - The DEC reviewed the DDEC "best practices policy" for online certification which states:

"In order to insure high quality Distance Education instructional program and to improve student success in online and hybrid classes, the District Distance Education Committee recommends a uniform training requirement which includes @ONE Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning and Introduction to Teaching with Canvas or their equivalent".

LAMC DE is in accord with this best practices policy and will work on developing its own guidelines and policies to implement this policy. 


5. DE Program Final Report (Program Review) - The  Program Review Oversight Committee (PROC) reviewed and approved the EPC recommendation to discontinue DE as a program for purposes of Annual Program Reviews (see PROC and EPC minutes) and DE will have its final Program Review and validation on 5/15/17, and thereafter no longer participate in program reviews in EPC. The Final DE Report/Program Review was submitted by the DE Coordinator and is at http://bit.ly/2pPIQe0


6.  Online/Hybrid Classes determined by the Dept. Chair - DEC approved the following policy

Department Chairs have the final say in determining which classes to offer online and/or hybrid in their respective disciplines/departments.


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