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agenda 11-21-08

Page history last edited by abogado 15 years, 7 months ago

Agenda 11-21-08 - DE Committee

Phone    (888) 886-3951    PIN 187574

1. update deadlines to submit online courses - Application to Teach Online be submitted no later than the 1st set of galleys each semester, and that the course shells approval be no later than the final set of galleys each semester. DE will advise the EPC of any recommended changes. DE will provide a list of approved online classes, and a list of certified online instructors to the VP of Academic Affairs to assist in scheduling online classes. 

2. Review SWOT Analsis for DE - for update of Tech Master Plan - see  http://missionitac.pbwiki.com/swot-analysis

3. Update on SARS status and broadcast phone messages to our online students for Winter/Spring 2009

4. Current status on "Late Add" policy

5.  New MOU on additional compensation for large online classes

6.  discuss November DE Report to EPC

7.  Course Shell Updates - new proposal for DE/Curriculum - every online class must be updated (course shell reviewed by DE/Curriculum) every 5 years. - develop new rubric for 5 year update and for Online Faculty Evaluation and place forms and process on Curriculum page.

8. Student End of Course survey - need to develop one that is more secure. now open to "tampering by student or faculty"

9. Issue of whether English 101 should be entirely online, or mid-term, final should be "on campus" or "proctored at a distance"

10. Training of DE members to do "Shell Review"

11. New members for DE committee

12. Student rep on DE Committee

13. CCC DE Satisfaction Survey - Faculty and Students




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