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Application to teach onlne or hybrid class

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Faculty Application and Checksheet to Teach Online and Hybrid Classes

revised 8-10-06


Application to teach online




Online or Internet Classes:

Online courses are taken exclusively over the Internet, there are no on-campus meetings. However, books are required. All work is submitted to your instructor online. Your "virtual classroom" is delivered over the web via WebCT (Web Course Tools).


Hybrid Classes:


Hybrid courses meet both on-campus and online-think of them as traditional face-to-face courses where some of the on- campus class meetings are replaced with online assignments. In a hybrid course, you will attend meetings on-campus during the date and times listed in this schedule of classes.


Web-Enhanced Classes:


Web-Enhanced courses are traditional face-to-face classes that are augmented with course web sites. However, unlike hybrid courses, web-enhanced classes continue to hold all of their meetings on-campus. The course web site is an extra value


Date __________________

Name of Faculty _____________________

Semester you plan on teaching online ______________

Course you will teach online __________

Discipline ______

Section # __

your email address ______________

your webpage (if any) __

textbook you plan on using for the class _____________

course management you will use ____________________________



Checksheet to teach online: (applies to both Online/Internet and Hybrid Classes - but not to Web-Enhanced Classes)


  1. __ Faculty updates the course curriculum and course outline for the class they plan on teaching online (including the DE form required by Curriculum - see DE Form - DE Curriculum form - (this applies only to fully online and internet classes, and not hybrid classes (i.e. less than 50% online with Face to Face - Classroom greater than 50%)


#___ Faculty informs their Faculty Chair of their Department, and obtains approval to teach the class onlne or as a hybrid class. The Dept. Chair to initial here __

that they approve the class, and have allocated for it within the guidelines established for the Department by the Council of Instructions.


  1. ____ Faculty decides which Course Management System ("CMS") and/or online teaching tools they will employ in teaching their class online and informs the DDL Committee.


  1. ___ Faculty receives training from DDL or designee in the CMS platform and/or online teaching tools


  1. ____ Faculty completes training and passes proficiency exam on the CMS platform and/or online teaching tools.


  1. ____ Faculty is assigned a DDL mentor as part of the "Online Faculty Mentoring Program" of DDL who will help with the education and training of the new DDL faculty.


  1. ____ Faculty uploads their course assignments, quizzes to the CMS.


  1. ____ Faculty provides a chart of Student Learning Outcomes for their Assignments/Quizzes to the DDL Committee, along with their current updated course outline and assignments/quizzes for the online class.


  1. ____ Faculty completes their CMS platform, and it is ready for use by students.


  1. ____ DDL, Curriculum, and the Department Chair of the discipline reviews the CMS platform and Student Learning Outcomes to ensure they conform with Curriculum guidelines and the current course outline of record for the online or hybrid class.


  1. ____ DDL approves the Faculty to teach online.


  1. ____ DDL informs Curriculum Committee, Vice Presdident of Academic Affairs, the respective Department Chair and Educational Planning Committee that the Faculty Member is now designated as a DDL online teacher, and that the class has been approved as an online or hybrid class. Curriculum Committee and DDL update their records accordingly.


  1. ____ Faculty takes continuing training to update their skills and submits a list of training they have completed each year to the DDL Committee


  1. ____ Checksheet is signed off by the DDL, Curriculum Chair, and Department Chair and a copy is included in the Department Chair files on records, along with the Office of Academic Affairs.





DDL Committee Chair



Curriculum Committee



Department Chair

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