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From: Distance Education Coordinators [mailto:DECOORD@LISTSERV.CCCCO.EDU] On Behalf Of Patricia James

Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2008 12:30 PM


Subject: Authentication issue


Me again...


The topic of the Reauthorization of the Higher Education Authorization Act, specifically Authenticating students in our DE programs, was huge among the participants of the CIT conference this week.  ETAC has been discussing this, too, and it seems as though they are developing a plan of action.  However, in sessions these couple of days I have had some ideas about the situation and feel strongly that we should not be trying to implement technical solutions yet.  See the attached, which came out of many discussions with  DE Coordinators and senate folks over the past few days. 


The main distinction we have to make is one that separates cheating from impersonation.  Data on cheating is plentiful and solutions are available that are about course design.  Impersonation is the tough nut to crack, however, the data there is not as readily available and some of us firmly believe that the incidences of one student pretending to be another are few and far between.  We hope to head this off by providing solutions to both issues that are based on better course design.  Additionally, there have been suggestions that the legislation has some clarifying language that points to there needing to be password protection and student id numbers involved for all online classes.  This may be the basis for what we need to do.


Attached are some initial thoughts on this issue that should form the basis for a solutions brainstorming over the next weeks.  We should be assisting our accreditation agency in determining the guidelines for how this mandate is accomplished and be really careful about what we suggest.  Please feel free to add solutions to this list.


This is my informed two cents, having been breathing this issue for two weeks now and after being immersed in it at League!




Patricia James

Dean of Instruction:  Library and Technology

(and Distance Education, too!)

Mt. San Jacinto College

Office:  951 639 5440


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