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Duties of DE Coordinator


First of all, WELCOME ABOARD! And thank you for contacting me and alerting me to your new assignment to distance education. I would like to provide you with a resource that was developed a few years ago by a committee led by the Chancellor’s Office. The Informational Modules for Distance Education Coordinators is a self-paced series of online sessions where you can get a good overview of the functions of a DE Coordinator. Here’s the link for your use:








Additionally, two of the important tasks of the DE Coordinator are to oversee surveys issued by our office. The first of which are the Student and Faculty Satisfaction Surveys. The surveys are housed on the Chancellor’s Office web page and are accessible year-round. You may want to review the contents of the surveys by visiting the following site:




Faculty survey: http://misweb.cccco.edu/de_surveys/faculty_page1.cfm


Student survey: http://misweb.cccco.edu/de_surveys/student_page1.cfm





The second survey is the Annual Institutional Survey that is released each June for submission by August 31. The instructions for completion are always included in the cover memo that accompanies the survey so, if you have any questions once the Annual Institutional Survey is released, you can always contact me. The results from the 2004-05 surveys can be accessed by going to:








The coordination of the local effort for the surveys is extremely helpful as it allows me to compile the information and report that information to the Board of Governors BOG) biannually in the Distance Education Report. The most recent report covers the period of 1995-96 through 2003-04 and is located at the following URL:








The next updated version of the report is scheduled to be presented to the BOG in May 2007. All of these links are contained on the Chancellor’s Office Distance Education web page. You may want to bookmark the following URL for future access:








I will have your name added to the DE Coordinator list serve. I regularly send messages, announcements and queries to the Coordinators via the list serve so, once you have been added to the list, you will begin receiving messages from me. You can also use the list serve to send queries to the other DE Coordinators statewide. Simple compose the inquiry and forward to me with a note indicating your desire to have the question circulated to the field. I will forward the message with instructions to respond directly to you.




That’s all I can think of at the moment, Mark. I hope you are enjoying your transition into the DE Coordinator position at LA Valley. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns you may have regarding DE. Again, welcome to the world of DE Coordinators and best of luck in the position.




Best regards,






Ken Nather


Specialist, Academic Planning & Development


System Office, California Community Colleges


1102 Q Street


Sacramento, CA 95814


(916) 322-9048



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