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Guidelines for Evaluation of Distance Education Instructor



here is link to use from LATTC - for LAMC - http://wellness.lattc.edu/online/evals/LAMCeval.html

survey goes to missiononline@gmail.com

2nd draft - 10/11/06

1st draft - 10-07-06 by RR - evaluation1


see link at - http://www.evalutech.sreb.org/criteria/online.asp

other links for course evaluation - http://www.nacol.org/resources/course_eval.php


When an instructor is evaluated for teaching a traditional class, the evaluation committee actually visits the instructor’s class and watches him/her actually teach. For an online class, however, the situation is a little different. How do you “sit in” on the instructor’s class?


One way to accomplish this is to look at the course website as a visitor and observe the following:

Course Description:


  • Are the course objectives clear (SLOs?) and do they agree with the Course Outline?


  • Are the grading policies clear? Will the students understand how they are being graded and what they must actually do for a good grade?


  • Are the mechanics of the course clear … how the course works, how the activities are actually performed, deadlines, etc?




  • Are the assignments clearly laid out and described?


  • Are the evaluation criteria for assignments clearly described?


  • Are the number and kind of written assignments appropriate?


Discussion Forums;


  • Do the students have ample opportunity to interact with one another, thereby creating a sense of “classroom”?


  • Is the instructor visible in the forums, frequently making comments and suggestions (without appearing to control the discussion)?


  • Are the discussion topics relevant to the learning objectives?


  • Are students encouraged to participate (by the grading policy and/or instructor enthusiasm)?


  • Does instructor encourage civility in inter-student online communications?





  • Is there a sufficient number of evaluative activities (quizzes, essays, etc)?


  • Is the level of the evaluation activities appropriate for the level of the course?


  • Are the evaluation results (grades) available in a timely manner?


email communications.


It may be a sensitive issue as to whether the evaluation committee has access to student-instructor email communication, but there should be assurances that student emails are responded to in a timely fashion and that student questions and problems are satisfactorily resolved (the end-of-course survey may be the best criterion for this.)



Is the textbook appropriate for the course?

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