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Training in Etudes, Moodle or Course Compass


Training in one of the above course management systems should include the following:


Module 1: Getting Started With ETUDES, or Moodle or Course Compass

Module 2: Introduction to The Forums

Module 3: Creating Classroom Lessons

Module 4: Creating Assignments

Module 5: Creating Tests

Module 6: Private Messages

Module 7: Working In ETUDES, Moodle or Course Compass  As A Student

Module 8: Student Information System

Module 9: Course Management

Module 10: Tips & Tricks

Acceptable training:


1. Moodle - through @One - 4 week class, or Joe Perret "Teaching with Moodle"

2. Etudes - through Foothill, or WLAC, ELAC

3. Course Compass - The Publisher provides training. Contact Prof. Myriam Mekelburg to set up training.

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