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April 23,2012

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DL Report to EPC 4-23-12


1. The Substantive Change Proposal, after suggested revisions including updating of accreditation eligibility requirements and financial sustainability, was submitted to the ACCJC on 4-20-12. The proposal is on the ACCJC agenda for May 10th, and notice of approval is anticipated for early June.


2. The DL committee has reviewed, approved and recommended for EPC and Academic Senate approval the following new DL Committee membership:


Committee Membership: 


The following shall be the voting members of the Distance Education Committee: 


Vice-President of Academic Affairs, or designee 

Dean (appointed by the VPAA)

Two (2) faculty appointed by the Academic Senate (a Distance Learning (DL) Faculty member)

Two (2) faculty appointed by AFT (a Distance Learning (DL) Faculty Member)

DSPS representative

IT Manager or designee

Distance Learning Coordinator  (a DL faculty member. the DE Coordinator shall be a voting 

member as long as the position remains a faculty position)


A DL faculty member is any full time or adjunct faculty who has been determined to be proficient in teaching DL by the DE Committee and who has taught online within the last five years at any California Community College.  


Term of Membership


The term of office of committee members shall be two years. The terms of the committee membership will be staggered so that one half of the committee is selected at the beginning of each academic year. The initial appointments will include two and three year terms to ensure staggered terms of membership.


3.  Upon approval of the Substantive Change Proposal (anticipated June 2012), the DL Committee, with its new membership, in conjunction with the Curriculum Committee, will review, and develop the steps to take for the initiation and approval of new online classes by faculty. The process and steps will be posted at the Curriculum site in the Fall 2012 semester, and interested faculty may then submit online courses for review and approval.


4.  The district DL Coordinators will meet with the District Academic Senate on 4-26-12 to discuss issues in online education in the LACCD District.  



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