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Oct 1, 2012

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Distance Ed report to EPC on 10/1/12


1.  DE Committee met on 9/19/12 and, pursuant to the new provisions of Article 40 which require equal representation between Academic Senate and AFT appointments, re-constituted the membership of DE as follows:

Total of 10 voting members as follows:

(1)  The VP of Academic Affairs, or designee

(1)  Dean of Curriculum

(3)  3 Faculty appointed by Academic Senate 

(3)  3 Faculty appointed by AFT
(1)  IT Manager or designee

(1)  DE Coordinator 

The Senate appointed it 3 members: Myriam Levy, Vilma Bernal, Gina Ladinsky
The AFT appointed its 3 members: Louise Barbato, Richard Rains, Diana Bonilla

Resource Members:

DSPS Director or designee (as a resource non-voting member) 

ITV Director (as a resource non-voting member) 
Curriculum Chair (as a resource non-voting member) 

Membership to run from Fall 2012 to Fall 2014 – 2 years


2.  The Curriculum Committee will review the steps and process for approval of new online classes in its 10/2/12 meeting.  Curriculum will carry on a tech shell review of new online classes with the assistance of  DE in making the review.

3. DE will work with Department Chairs to train them how to evaluate online faculty and their course shells.

4. The position of DE coordinator with a .2 release time was re-affirmed by the President, and will not be "cut" due to budget reductions. The recent Substantive Change Proposal was approved by the ACCJC on June 6-8, 2012, and it clearly outlines the necessity of a DE Coordinator to support the "sustainability" of our DE online/hybrid classes. 






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