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Steps for Students to take to receive Accommodations in Online/Hybrid Classes


_____ 1. Student contacts DSPS and provides documentation verifying the disability (see DSPS Student Handbook - http://lamission.edu/dsps/studenthandbook.pdf ) 

Faculty can also originate it through the faculty portal. The course syllabus and CMS portal and edu/online includes accommodations statement and forms.

_____ 2.  DSPS reviews documentation and verifies the disability

_____ 3.  Student consults with DSPS Assistive Technologist (x3313)

_____ 4. DSP&S professional staff/DSPS Assistive Technologist recommend and describe services and academic accommodations appropriate for the individual student's disability-based educational limitations 

_____ 5. DSP&S/DSPS Assistive Technologist  will identify the accommodation needed from the instructor.

_____ 6. DSP&S/DSPS Assistive Technology confirm specific accommodation with the instructor with recommended accommodations

_____ 7.  Instructor assists in providing the recommended accommodation (see types of accommodations under DSP&S Faculty Handbook)

_____ 8. Instructor and student evaluate the effectiveness of the accommodation 


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