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Report - 11-3-14

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Report to EPC - 11-3-14

1. Ecounselng and new 3SP site- DE has been working with IT and Counseling to develop ecounseling, and online online orientation, and assessment (aspects) - a student worker from Multimedia is working with counseling and DE to develop new website functionality - a new (draft) page has been set up at http://lamission.edu/sssp  DE, IT and Counseling will implement a test ecounseling site using google hangouts (similar to STEM), and train counselors, along with adopting escheduling for online counseling appointments.

2. Article 40  - AFT Contract - Distance Learning - has been updated under the newly negotiated contact (awaiting ratification). Article 40 - Changes the composition of the DL committee, requires faculty teaching DL courses to demonstrate DL proficiency and explains those options, allows the Curriculum Committee to address the appropriateness of a course for online delivery, removes the class size limit of 25 for the first time a class is taught, limits DL classes to 40 unless the instructor approves a higher cap in advance, limits classes to no more than 80, allows FT faculty to teach more than one DL course if other obligations are met.


3.  Improvement of online website -  Myriam Levy's Soc. 4 - Social Research class held a focus group and reviewed the online page at http://lamission.edu/online and came up with substantial review, comments, and suggestions which DE will incorporate and implement in updating the online website for online students.

4.  Anthro 101 Online Class was reviewed by Curriculum/DE Shell Review subcommittee two different times over the last semester, and the instructor improved the website and recommended approval in the Curriculum Meeting of 11-4-14.

5. Eagles Nest Training - DE along with ITV media specialist will work with faculty who are making presentations in Eagles Nest to post their trainings in on-demand online camtasia videos

6. Etudes Summit - Long Beach - 11/6 and 11/7- new features will be presented by Etudes Director and on 11/20 these new features will be covered in the Eagles Nest, and posted to a on-demand video.

7. DE  Online student satisfaction survey - DE working with OIE to draft and complete a DE Online satisfaction survey. 

8. Department Chair Training - DE will train Dept. Chairs on how to review online courses both for the initial course offering of an online class in their department, and also continuing review and approval of online shells





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